Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between bepo and another web agency?

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The main difference between bepo and other web agencies is on the way we operate.

Usually, people hire an agency for the additional services such as project management, dedicated account manager and avoid counting hours of work.
Obviously, it's always much higher in price because you have to pay for the staff in the agency and the development time.
The most common issue with those agencies is the communication and meeting expectations.
The reason for that is that communication time is not paid, so they tend to reduce it at the minimum. Moreover, they also tend to optimise for their benefits instead of yours because of the fixed price they announced you at the beginning of the project.

It creates countless stories of additional costs or delayed projects because of misunderstanding which should not happen.
By working under monthly subscription, we optimise for you and your product because we have no interest in doing otherwise.

What is the difference between bepo and hiring a freelancer ?

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The main difference between bepo and freelancer is the scope of our work.
Freelancers are usually cheaper, but are limited on the amount of work they can provide. More often than not, they tend to optimise their hourly rate(and who would blame them?). When working on web projects, it's not rare that an extra hour of work can make a huge difference between a great product and a disaster.
The thing is: you don't wanna pay hours of work, you wanna pay for a fully functioning product.

Freelancers are also specialised, which tend to be great when working on the tech aspect, but they often come short when you need complementary skills such as digital marketing, copywriting or product design.

bepo can manage any challenge (tech or product) you may encounter, which is rarely the case with freelancers.

What if I receive my product before the end of my subscription?

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If your product is delivered in less than a month or in-between renewals, and you have no more developments to make at this moment, you can pause your subscription.

While paused, we won't make any further development and you subscription will not be counted as active. Your remaining days will be kept until you unpause and you're ready to make developments again.

What is your refund policy?

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We usually don't do refunds, notably because we allow pausing your subscription at any time you wish and we have a low-price trial.

We evaluate each refund request individually and decide on it at our sole discretion.

How fast will I receive my product?

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It depends on the type of product you build.
Really basic website can be delivered in a couple weeks, particularly if you're using an existing Webflow template.
Software as a Service can take months to be build properly, depending on the amount of features you want.

Usually, we try to deliver a Proof of Concept so you can see the results as fast as possible and ask for change before it requires a really important amount of work that would cost you a lot of money.
We also take time to discuss with you about your product and your goals, so we are sure to give you the best product.

As a general rule, the more advanced is your product design, the faster we can deliver the product, but keep in mind that initial development is always slower than adding new things to an existing product.

You can also try our simulator to estimate how much it would cost you to build your product.

Who are you and what is your background ?

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My name is Axel VAINDAL, and I'm the founder of bepo.
I'm a former YC-backed company employee, and a software engineer with 10 years of experience. I've been mentored by engineers working at the top companies in the world including Amazon, HTC, GoPro or General Electric.

I work with people helping me on development tasks, support and marketing, but before anything is pushed to you, I personally check the outcome so I'm 100% sure you will be satisfied.

Are there any discounts?

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Yes. Annual plans are 10% cheaper than monthly plans on average.
On demand, we can also send you a referral discount code so you can invite others at a cheaper price.

How do I create a request for development?

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Simply post a message in your chat so we can discuss with you how best handle your request.
Once we agreed on the expected result, we will open a post in your dedicated forum so you can keep track of the progress on the task.

Are there any contracts to use your services?

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No dedicated contract, but you're bound to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.