Why did I join the indiehacker movement? ✈️
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Why did I join the indiehacker movement? ✈️

Published on 
September 8, 2022

Hello, and welcome on my first post as an indiehacker! 👋

My name is Axel (@axelvaindal on Twitter), a French software engineer.
I've been struggling with my life lately, and I've decided to join the indie community to be freer, more relaxed, and finally happier.
The decision was highly motivated by a need to reduce the mental load from my day-to-day work, have free time to focus on my health, and the success of the first product I created as an indiehacker (Edith et Nous).
I've also been following @levelsio for quite some time, and he was a great inspiration for doing things on my own and quitting the traditional tech-startup industry.

What type of content can you find here?

I've separated the content in this blog in 4 categories, so posts are easier to find and you can only look for what is the most interesting for you.
Categories are:
Startup/Indiehacking: all my thinking about the startup industry and the indie hacker movement.
Products: All our products announcement, either SaaS or services we sell.
Marketing: A curated list of useful finding/tutorials about marketing.
Tech: A curated list of useful finding/tutorials about tech.

I also share my indie journey on our social networks and on Indiehackers.

Thrilled to be here, and looking forward to discussing and sharing this journey with you all.

axel founder of bepo
by Axel
Founder of Bepo

Founder @bepohq building products with ♥️ I also share my journey as an indiehacker on social media.


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