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bepo is a productivised agency created by Axel Vaindal.
We have helped numerous teams create meaningful products used by millions of users in the world.

Our mission is to build awesome products so you can focus on growing your business

We are headquartered in France, in a small town in the countryside. We love it that way, it’s peace and quiet. We work 100% remotely and asynchronously, so we can have customers from all around the world.

We are not your average agency because we are dedicated to create premium product with a real word usage. We are not interested in creating the next NFT or AI project if it doesn’t serve the real economy. We believe in technology as a mean to an end, helping people live a better and more balance life thanks to automation.

A long time ago, being a craftsmen was considered being a skilled person with an expertise. Even though the world has changed, we still believe this to be true, and we are amazed by all the people able to build things by making their hands dirty.We love to see ourselves as craftsmen, the technical experts using technologies to build meaningful products for your customers.

A word from our founder
A word from our founder
A word from our founder
A word from our founder
After a decade in the tech industry as both an employee and an entrepreneur, I founded bepo to have a more sustainable work-life balance, and enjoy the projects I work on. If you are one of our customers, thank you for your trust and helping us show that building great products does not rhyme with crushing people.
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is an open startup
We share our metrics and all the relevant things we learn in public.
The main reason behind that decision is to make us accountable for our work and avoid drift. We also learnt a lot from fellow founders also sharing in public, so it felt natural to follow the movement.
Open Startup

Our team members

photo of axel founder of bepo

He founded bepo in 2021 after 10 years in the tech industry as a software engineer.

photo of Maxime integrator

He joined the team in 2022, a few months after its creation to work for our Website customers.

photo of pauline designer
UI Designer

Pauline started working on UI for bepo since the beginning.

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